Get The Best Pokemon Cards In The World With These Card Packs!

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Our top picks give you a greater chance of getting the best Pokemon card in the world! We recommend buying Pokemon card packs opposed to single cards, even when looking for the best Pokemon card, in order to get more value for your money.

Our Top Picks for The Best Pokemon Card in the World.

Pokemon TCG Sun & Moon Booster Box + BOTH Elite Trainers Solgaleo & Lunala

The Sun & Moon expansion introduces trainers to the tropical Alola region where 40 new Pokemon and Alolan versions of classic Pokemon are awaiting discovery. The booster boxes each have 36 packs, with each pack having 10 cards; each booster box also has 10 random cards from the master set. This combo also includes both the Solgaleo and Lunala Elite Trainer Boxes. Both Elite Trainer boxes contain 8 Sun & Moon Booster Boxes, player’s guide, 6 damage-counter dice, 1 competition coin-flip die, 2 acrylic energy markers, 1 acrylic GX marker, and 45 Pokemon Energy Cards. The difference between the Solgaleo and Lunala Elite Trainer Boxes is that they each contain 65 card sleeves featuring their respective Pokemon mascot.


Pokemon Trading Card Game: Black & White Legendary Treasures Booster 

The Black & White Legendary Treasures Booster comes with 36 packs, with each pack containing 10 cards each. Each pack will contain one rare card giving you a higher chance of getting the best Pokemon card in the world. Each box should contain anywhere from one to three EX or foil cards. With this box, you have a chance to catch Pokemon never seen before. You also get a new Pokemon-EX (Pokemon ex cards are a great way to improve your collection!). Golden glimmers let you know you’re on the right track to discovery; you can also search for scattered jewels from the Radiant Collection. Gameplay is further amped up by new Trainer Cards.


Pokemon XY XY3 Furious Fists Booster Box (36 Booster Packs)

The Furious Fists expansion gives trainers the opportunity to level up their Fighting type Pokemon using all-new Trainer Cards and pit them against fierce challengers. Cards like Mega Heracross-EX and Mega Lucario-EX create the ultimate Pokemon tournament. Gameplay is challenging, exciting and at times, surprising. There are over 110 cards for trainers to collect with a chance of up to 5 new Pokemon-EX and 2 possible Mega Evolution Pokemon. There are 36 packs in this booster box, and each booster box contains 10 cards. With odds like that, there’s a high chance you’ll get the rare cards you’re searching for, maybe even the best Pokemon card in the world.


Pokemon TCG Super Premium Collection Mew and Mewtwo Card Game

The Pokemon TCG Super Premium Collection Mew and Mewtwo Card Game offers a host of features that will make any Pokemon fan or collector drool. Perhaps the coolest things from a collector’s standpoint are the two foil promo cards, one Mew-Ex and one Mewtwo-Ex and the Mew and Mewtwo sculpted figurines. But, if art is your thing, this collection more than has you covered. The included artbook takes you behind-the-scenes of the Pokemon TCG illustration process, providing insight into the art style. To cap it off, you get 10 Generations Booster Packs, a code for the online game and three collector’s boxes to house your collection.


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