Pokemon Plush Toys For Your Pokemon Collection

Pokemon plush toys make a great addition to any Pokemon or stuffed animal collection.

Our Top Products for Pokemon Plush Toys

Exclusive Pokemon Center Pokedoll Pokemon Plush Doll – 14-inch Black Kyurem

Kyurem burst onto the Pokemon scene with Generation V and Black Kyurem is the result of DNA Splicing Kyurem with Zekrom. Kyurem and Zekrom along with Reshiram comprise the legendary Tao trio of Unova legend. Kyurem is a dual-type Dragon/Ice Legendary Pokemon and in the guise of Black Kyurem possesses the Teravolt power. Black Kyurem is the game mascot of Pokemon Black 2. As a plush, Black Kyurem stands 14 inches high and is imported by the Pokemon Center Japan, and comes sealed with the genuine Pokemon Center tag.


12″ Zekrom Pokemon Center Plush

This plush Zekrom is made by Pokemon Center in the US, which is known for their quality, genuine Pokemon products, that are factory sealed and have the all-important authentic US Pokemon tag. Zekrom is a winged, bipedal dark grey and black dragon-like Pokemon with a large, spiked tail. Because of his fierce looks, he makes a great plush pal for boys and girls who like all things Pokemon for the action as opposed to the cuteness. However, Zekrom is cute, and as Pokemon Center adds, also collectible. Zekrom stands at 12 inches (one foot) tall, so he can sit on top of beds or in your designated collectible area.


Lunala Stuffed Pokemon Plush Toy, 20.5 x 12.2-Inch

The Lunala Stuffed Pokemon Plush Toy is imported from Japan and is an authentic product from Pokemon Center. Lunala is about 12 inches high, 20.5 inches wide and around 3 inches deep. The reason for the large width is due to Lunala’s wingspan which is on full display thanks to the wings being held wide open, providing a unique look for this Pokemon plush. Lunala is indigo blue with light golden-yellow accents and has an adorable bat-like appearance. The vampire fanglike mouth line and red eyes show Lunala is a Pokemon to be reckoned with.

Pokemon Best Wishes Reshiram Plush

This Reshiram plush Pokemon is imported from Japan and features the Japanese language tag to show its authenticity. Reshiram’s rough dimensions are 12in x 7in x 12in. Because Reshiram is a stuffed toy, the exact dimensions may vary based on how far the wingspan of your particular Reshiram extends, which is a normal level of variation even in modern manufacturing. Reshiram is white with light blue accents and striking cobalt blue eyes, and is featured in a majestic, battle-ready pose. Being plush with a soft exterior and embroidered eyes, Reshiram is ideal for children aged 5 and up.


Pokemon Center Original BIG Size Sleeping Pikachu Plush Doll

Pikachu is easily recognized as the most well-known Pokemon, being the mascot of the franchise and constant companion of Ash Ketchum. It is the friendly, loyal Electric-type Pikachu introduced in Generation I. Pikachu is mouse-like as far as Pokemon go, and has a chubby yellow body with big, black-tipped pointy ears and red circles on each cheek that denote the location of his electricity-charging glands. At over 10.5 inches high and 17 inches long from nose to the tip of his tail, this peacefully sleeping Pikachu is just as worthy a gift to a child as it is being part of a serious Pokemon fan’s collection.


Pokemon Center Pokedoll Plush Doll – 13-inch Virizion

Virizion was introduced in Generation V and is a stag-like dual-type Grass/Fighting Legendary Pokemon, and member of the Swords of Justice. The plush Virizion is green with a white face and stomach, purple markings on the hooves and a purple stripe at the center of the forehead; pink accents encircle the tops of Virizion’s four legs, and there is a pink tip at on each of its wing-like leaves on the sides of its neck. Virizion is unmistakable by its green horns and leafy tufts that give it a fast, streamlined appearance. This product is sealed inside retail packaging for authenticity and imported from Japan.


Reasons to buy Pokemon Plush Toys

Sometimes Pokemon ex cards are not the best toys for younger children. Here are some reasons to go with pokemon plush toys instead.

1. A Plush toy Is Easy To Care For

Children are always quick to romanticize pet ownership. They can not wait to take them home, feed them, and bathe them. These dreams are often ruined by the reality of walking a dog in 30-degree weather, the difficulty of giving a real pet a bath, and having to feed them multiple times day. Parents are often left to ask themselves if they are truly up for the challenge of pet ownership despite the child’s enthusiasm. Having a real life animal can deplete the family’s time, energy, and money. That is why families love Pokemon plush toys, they require virtually no care!

2. Family Members are not Likely to be Allergic to a Plush Toy

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation says that about 15% of adults with allergies also suffer additional symptoms when around pets. They also shared that parents who have allergies are likely to have children with have similar allergies. Even finding a pet with short hair, or no hair at all, does not remove the risks of allergies. Unfortunately, pets can also bring in allergens from outdoors. While a high-end vacuum can greatly enhance air quality and remove pet hairs, it is impossible to remove all allergens when housecleaning. Children get attached to animals quickly, so trying to test it out for a week or so is not really an option either. Getting some Pokemon plush toys can help remove the child’s urge to care for a pet while avoiding all of these problems.

3. Plush Toys Never Get Bored of Being Around Children

A real pet would greatly enjoying running around, jumping, and playing outdoors with children, but some children prefer to spend time indoors. A real dog will show little to no interest in playing video games or having a tea party with friends. A plush toy will spend time with children regardless of what they enjoy doing.

4. A Plush Toy Cannot Bite Your Neighbor

There is an estimated 4.5 million dog bites that happen per year. Some dog bits can be fatal, and children are much more at risk due to their smaller size. They also tend to underestimate a dog’s tolerance for teasing and rough play. Thankfully, plush dogs have no real teeth.

5. Plush Toys Do Not Need To Be Housebroken

Parents already have children who wet the bed and children in diapers, they surely do not need another mess to clean. Sadly, this is the reality for a new family who decides to get a real puppy. A puppy can take over 6 weeks to potty train, and having a dog in the house can decrease the resell value of the home. Often times, sellers are asked to replace carpeting before reselling if they have had a pet, and stains are not the only concern. Pet odors and allergens can stick around even after using a number of cleaning products which claim to remove them. For young parents who are already overwhelmed with children, plush toys are a much more tolerable alternative.

6. Real Pets Are Expensive

It is easy for parents to underestimate the amount of money that truly goes into pet ownership. Yes, premium dog food may cost 20$ a month, but don’t neglect the cost of dog treats, vaccinations, heart worm prevention, grooming, toys, and new furniture. The real price to own a pet ranges from $1,000 to $2,000 which does not include the cost of training, crates, fencing, or medical expenses. A plush toy, on the other hand, only requires a small initial investment.

7. Plush Toys Cannot Destroy Personal Property

Real animals are as playful and curious as children are, that is why they tend to chew everything they can get their paws on. They also do not understand the difference between a toy bought for dogs and the new couch that you just purchased. Often times pets can suffer from anxiety or boredom when they are left alone leading them to chew through what ever is nearby. This is why plush toys are recommended instead.

8. Pokemon Plush Toys Are Quiet

Besides a fish, real pets can be loud. Dogs are especially known for barking wildly waking up sleeping babies and neighbors. Sure, maybe a very small portion of plush toys offer sound features, but they are not likely to wake anyone or be a disturbance. Furthermore, they are much easier to quite down than a 90-pound dog barking on the porch.

9. Pokemon Plush Toys Cannot Transmit Parasites

Another unfortunate truth about pet ownership is the ability for pets to transmit parasites to children. Roundworms is an example commonly found in even the most well cared for pets. Hookworms, whipworms, and tapeworms are other examples that may be looking to invade your family’s home. Older people can usually avoid these with the practice of good hygiene, but children tend to be less picky. Ticks and fleas are other parasites that are commonly associated with house pets. By going with a pokemon plush toy, you eliminate all of these risks.


The Best Pokemon Stuffed Animals for Cuddling and All!

Sometimes Pokemon EX cards get boring, here are some of our favorite Pokemon stuffed animals.

Our Top Picks for Pokemon Stuffed Animals


12-inch Zekrom Pokemon Center Plush

The Zekrom Pokemon plush makes a great gift for the Pokemon collector or fan in your life. Zekrom was introduced in Generation V and is a Dragon/Electric dual-type Pokemon, and possesses the Teravolt ability. Zekrom is deep grey and mid-grey in color, and its trademark armorlike scales are fully visible. It’s a winged, bipedal Pokemon and has a large, spiked tail resembling a turbine. Zekrom has red eyes and an electric blue accent at the back of its head. This 12-inch tall plush is authentic and comes from Pokemon Center in the US.



Exclusive Pokemon Center Pokedoll Pokemon Plush Doll – 14-inch Black Kyurem

This plush Black Kyurem stands tall at 14 inches in height and weighs 15.2 ounches. This plush Pokedoll is imported from Japan, made by Pokemon Center, and contains the original Pokemon Center tags to prove its authenticity. Pokemon Center’s high quality standards are well-renowned, and this plushie is no exception. This doll is rated for children three and up, so it’s safe for kids. Black Kyurem, called the Boundary Pokemon, is fierce yet adorable, and makes a great addition to your Pokedoll collection.


Lunala Stuffed Pokemon Plush Toy

Lunala is a Psychic/Ghost dual-type Pokemon and is evolved from Cosmoem which in turn evolves from Cosmog. Lunala shares the distinction with Solgaleo of being one of the final evolved forms of Cosmog, as well as comprising the cosmic duo. The game mascot of Pokemon Moon, Lunala appears as like an indigo bat with crescent moons edging its head, tail and both wings. Going along with this theme, Lunala can take on a Full Moon form and its ability is Shadow Shield. The Lunala plush is imported from Pokemon Center, Japan, and stands about a foot high with a 20-inch wingspan, and showcases Lunala’s red eyes and vampire bat fangs.


Pokemon Best Wishes Reshiram Plush

Reshiram was introduced in Generation V and is a dual-type Dragon/Fire Legendary Pokemon. Reshiram is a memory of the Tao trio of Unova legend, along with Kyurem and Zekrom. When DNA splicers are used with Reshiram and Kyurem, Kyurem because White Kyurem. Reshiram was the mascot of Pokemon Black and its power is Turboblaze. As a plush collectible, Reshiram is white with blue-flame colored accents, and cobalt eyes. Like the rest of the Tao trio, Reshiram has a unique, unmistakable turnbine-like tail. This Reshiram plush is 12 inches high and is imported from Japan, with the Japanese Pokemon tag attached to show authenticity.


Pokemon Center Original BIG Size Sleeping Pikachu Plush Doll

Imported from Japan, this plush Pikachu is suitable for ages three and up. Its body size is a nice 10.6in x 7.2in x 17.2in and weighs 14 ounces, making it a great standout in your collection. This plush version of Pikachu features Pikachu laying down on his stomach, asleep and eyes closed, with a peaceful smile on his face, which will be sure to warm the hearts of all who look at him. This Pikachu will be perfectly at home on your bed along with all your other favorite Pokemon plush Pokedolls.


Pokemon Center Pokedoll Plush Doll – 13″ Version

This plush Virizion Pokedoll is imported from Japan, factory-sealed and high quality, and stands 13 inches high and weighs just 9.6 ounces. Pokemon Center, the makers of their doll, pride themselves on crafting safe toys, which makes this a great option for younger children to play with, or older ones to collect. Virizion and friends Cobalion and Terrakion form the legendary musketeers. Virizion is a legendary dual-type Pokemon, being both Grass and Fighting. With Virizion’s strikingly streamlined and majestic appearance, you can be sure this Pokedoll will make a great addition to your Pokemon plush collection.


Things to Look For in Pokemon Stuffed Animals

Before we jump right into the best Pokemon stuffed animals, here are some things to look for when buying stuffed animals (all of our top picks meet this criteria).

Check the Eyes and Nose.

What you are looking for here is features which are made of buttons or large beads. You want to stay away from these as much as possible to avoid them falling or being chewed off. The same is true for any other clothing or accessories for the stuffed animal. Anything glued on or loosely sown can and will fall off and possibly end up in a child’s mouth.

No Wires!

Ears, paws, tails, check them all. Wires will eventually poke through a stuffed animal as they get worn in, and if you have small children who will be playing with it, well, you can see how that would be a problem.

Strings are Bad.

Anything stringy or ribbon-like, possibly a long belt or tail, should be avoided. These can also be removed from the stuffed animal, but we prefer to avoid it all together.

Check the construction.

A strong stitching and durable materials will keep the stuffing in the stuffed animal where it belongs.

Is it Washable?

Let’s be honest, our furry friends can get icky pretty fast creating a feeding ground for bacteria and germs. The best way of dealing with this is by purchasing stuffed animals that are easy to clean and dry quickly. To avoid a little kid being upset on laundry day, you can purchase a duplicate stuffed friend. After all, they are fairly cheap.

Dust Mites are Your Worst Enemy.

These stuffed toys don’t just harbor germs, they can also collect dust mites over time which can cause serious allergic reactions or trigger asthma. A nice way of avoiding dust mites is by placing the stuffed toy in a plastic bag within the freezer over night after it has been washed and dried.