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Pokemon Cards EX Boxes

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Today we will be looking at the best Pokemon cards box for you. These are great boxes with some awesome Pokemon, so let’s get started. Here are the 5 best EX Pokemon card boxes. See Pokemon EX cards. If you are a new Pokemon player, see Pokemon starter decks.


Charizard Ex

Price: $19.95

This Pokemon Ex Charizard trading card box comes with a Charizard Ex card that you can’t get anywhere else. This is a beautiful promo card. This box comes with 4 Pokemon trading card game (TCG) boosters. These TCG boosters are a great way to grow your collection and deck. This box also includes an over-sized Charizard Ex foil promo card. This is a giant card that would be an awesome display item. It also includes another Charizard promo card, but this one has a different use. This card allows you to unlock Charizard in the online Pokemon game.



Price: $16.95

This is got to be one of the best Pokemon card boxes. This Pokemon EX box features Krookodile. This is a very unique and interesting Pokemon that looks amazing. This box comes with a Krookodile EX limited edition promo card and 4 Pokemon TCG booster card packs. It also features an over-sized foil promo card that is bound to be a very cool piece for your Pokemon collection.  This box includes a promo card and code for unleashing Krookodile in the amazing Pokemon online game. This is a very great and beautiful Pokemon EX trading card box.



Price: $18.49

Garchomp is a super beautiful and powerful Pokemon. This Garchomp EX box includes 4 Pokemon TCG booster packs, 1 over-sized EX foil promo card, 1 limited edition never-before-seen EX foil Garchomp card, and a code to unlock Garchomp in the radical online Pokemon game. This is a really great Pokemon card box whether you like Garchomp or not because it has great TCG boosters that will be great for growing your collection and making you more powerful in the Pokemon world. This is a great Pokemon trading card box for any Pokemon fan.



Price: $17.96

The third item on our list is this Rayquaza EX Pokemon trading card box. Rayquaza is one of the most powerful Pokemon in the Pokemon world, so this is definitely a box that you want to pick up! This box features the Rayquaza one-of-a-kind foil promo card, a giant-sized Rayquaza card for display, 4 TCG booster packs to grow your collection, and an online code to reveal Rayquaza on your account in the Pokemon online trading card game. This box is definitely one of my favorites, and it is worth picking up because of the fact that Rayquaza is a super powerful Pokemon.



Price: $16.57

The final item on our list is an adorable dinosaur-like Pokemon. Tyrantrum is a great looking and reliable Pokemon choice, and this Pokemon EX trading card box showcases that. This beautiful box comes with the usual. The 4 TCG booster packs, a one-of-a-kind foil promo Tyrantrum trading card, an online code to redeem Tyrantrum online, and an over-sized Tyrantrum playing card.



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