What Are Pokémon EX Cards?

    This article covers the Pokémon EX cards variant that was launched with the EX series and/or the Pokémon Black & White Series as well as some product recommendations.

Pokémon EX is a Pokémon Trading Card Game variation. This variation originally surfaced in the EX Sapphire & Ruby Trading Card Game expansions.

The EX is an abbreviation for extra. This is used to represent the large number of abilities with an additional effect only when used against another Pokémon EX card. As an example, the Pokémon Grumpig from the EX Deoxys expansion utilizes an ability by the name “Extra Ball”. This ability does extra damage when it is used on another EX Pokémon.

There is an even larger difference between the EX Pokémon and other Pokémon types that you should know about. When a Pokémon EX card is Knocked Out by an opponent, then two Prize cards are drawn rather than the traditional one. This disadvantage is amply compensated for. Pokémon EX cards are much stronger than other Pokémon card types. Pokémon-EX in the original Ruby & Sapphire expansions were just Pokémon with powerful attacks compared to other Pokémon types, but in future expansions, they developed a larger number of unique traits. To name a few, these Pokémon-EX could have a maximum of two Resistances or Weaknesses and have a higher Retreat cost reaching a maximum of five. Some Pokémon-EX have a larger maximum HP. The previous max was 120 HP, but some Pokémon-EX reached a maximum of 200 HP. Wailord EX was the card with the most HP until the Diamond & Pearl Great Encounters expansion released. Both the Wailord in the Great Encounters expansion and the Wailord from the Dragons Exalted expansion also had 200 HP. All of these cards were eventually surpassed in terms of HP by the Mega Pokémon-EX found in the XY set.


Our Top Picks for Pokémon EX Cards.

Pokémon EX Cards TCG: Evolutions and Sun and Moon Booster Packs 


This combo set is made in the USA and can be used in official tournaments for the serious Trainers and Masters out there. The combo includes one Evolutions 36-pack Booster Box, one Sun & Moon 36-pack Booster Box plus a bonus gift of a 60x Ace Syndicate 9 Pocket Page Card Holder. With this booster pack, you get Mega Pokémon as well as Alola , the latter of which can include trading cards like the legendary Alola Meowth. These are all cards that would make a great addition to your Pokedex.


Trading Card Game XY-Ancient Origins Display Booster Box (36 Booster Packs)

The TCG: XY-Ancient Origins set features all-new Ancient Traits and Energy Cards, as well as characters like a Shiny version of Primal Groudon and powerful contender Mega Tyranitar. Every booster box contains a total of 36 packs, and each pack has 10 cards inside. Even cooler is the fact that with the XY7 set, there are 11 new Pokémon. Each of the XY7 sets comes with three Mega Evolution and one, rare Mythical cards. The cards in this set have also been improved and made with more durable materials for maximum longevity.


Pokémon XY XY3 Furious Fists Booster Box (36 Booster Packs)

The Furious Fists expansion is designed to amp up tournament play with all-new Trainer Cards that work to power up your Fighting-type Pokémon to produce epic gameplay and rousing competition. There are 36 Booster Packs total, with each pack containing 10 cards. There are over 110 cards to collect with this set; if it sounds like the math doesn’t add up, it’s because you get extras like foil and holographic cards as well as chances at full art. You have a chance to get five new cards and two Mega Evolution.


TCG: Pack Booster Box Combo

The Pack Booster Box Combo is one of the most comprehensive TCG sets on the market. It features four of the most popular 36 pack booster boxes, massively increasing your chances of getting awesome and rare cards. With this combo, you get one of each of the following: Sun & Moon 36 Pack Booster Box, Evolutions 36 Pack Booster Box, Fates Collide 36 Pack Booster Box, and Steam Siege 36 Pack Booster Box. Each of the 36 packs contains 10 cards, so there’s a good chance to get rare cards. As a bonus, this combo collection comes with 90x Ace Syndicate 9 Pocket Page Card Holders.

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