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Looking For A Pokemon Starter Pack? Read This First!

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A Pokemon starter pack may be exactly what you need to get your foot in the door. Most starting packs come with everything you need! What exactly does this entail?

pokemon starter pack

Every starter pack should come with one or two 30-card decks. This will allow you. and possibly a partner, to get started playing the trading card game ASAP! Obviously, you will need some sort of game guide to teach you how to play, but that is included as well, so don’t you worry. Starting kits also include the necessary damage counters and tokens to get started.

One of the benefits of buying a starter deck is that these decks are pre-made with the beginner in mind. If you tried to create a deck on your own as a beginner, you would have absolutely no idea what you were doing. Therefore, your deck would become a mix of ends and odds, all bunched up together in a big, messy bundle. The pre-made starter decks are designed to be well-rounded and are perfect for a beginner.

If you just want a Pokemon starter deck, you should read our article on those, but you will miss out on the extra bells and whistles included with a Pokemon starter pack.

Where should you buy a Pokemon starter pack?

The easiest way to get a Pokemon starter pack quickly is by ordering online, as they can be difficult to find in stores (and more expensive). For your convenience, we have placed a link below where you can buy a starter kit for a great price.

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