Terrakion-EX Full Art Review

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General Characteristics

Terrakion-EX Full Art is part of the Dragons Exalted expansion set. It is a fighting-type card, which means it is strong against electric and dark cards (and some colorless cards, such as Chansey). It has a 2x weakness to grass cards, and does resisted damage against any flying Pokemon of any type. It’s max HP is 180, and it features two attacks, Rock Tumble and Pump-up Smash. It’s a basic card, and has a retreat cost of 3 colorless energy. It is numbered 121/124 from the Dragons Exalted card set with illustration done by 5ban Graphics.

Like any other EX card, when knocked out, your opponent claims 2 prize cards.



The Terrakion-EX Full Art card, like most other full art cards, looks stunning. It is one of the most beautiful Pokemon EX cards While Terrakion itself is a very basic design, 5ban Graphics, the illustrator of this card, did an excellent job turning a simple design into something stunning. The gold outlines contrast well with the black and blue colors found prominent in Terrakion’s shading. The texture of the holographic film feels great, and while most collectors and players will want to sleeve their rare holographic cards, its worth a little time just to appreciate the flow of the textures.

Speaking of sleeves, this card looks great in black, red and orange matte sleeves. Try them out yourself!

Terrakion EX full art review


Terrakion-EX is and will continue to be a very popular card for any fighting based deck. Due to Terrakion-EX’s Pump-up Smash, those that can build decks based around energy acceleration from the hand and getting Terrakion-EX out as soon as possible will find it very easy to demolish Darkrai, Raikou or other dark/electric based decks. As there aren’t many choices when it comes to grass sets to counter it, its weakness won’t affect it in most matches unless a very specific deck is built out specifically to destroy Terrakion-EX play styles.

We’ve seen this card be a good partner with Quad-Bulls style decks, replacing previous variations of Terrakion cards.

The biggest drawbacks to this card are the obvious 2 prize card knockout that comes with every EX card, and a drawback that could be up in the air for others. Pump-up Smash is an attack that does 90 damage from 3 energy placed on it, however it isn’t as powerful as other attacks we’ve seen on similarly tiered EX cards. It’s second ability to take 2 basic energy cards from your hand can be seen is good, however, it isn’t as powerful as it would be if you could draw from the deck or discard pile. This means you may have to build a deck specifically about getting as many energy cards in your hand as possible, which requires stacking your deck with several item, trainer,or supporter cards – taking up valuable space for cards which you might otherwise want to play.

In any deck, you’ll want to get this card early and play it as soon as possible with it’s second attack. Keep it benched until it’s fully charged, and switch it in when you’ve got the cards to energize any benched Pokemon. While you’ll probably be building a deck around this card that is based on luck of the draw, there are certainly plenty of cards out there that can help you get that draw to come out.


The current value of the full art Terrakion-EX card is anywhere from 15 – 30 dollars depending on quality and purchase location. Although it is not the best Pokemon card in the world, due to its extreme playability, we expects this price to float around this point or possibly go up in price slightly. Because it is a full art card, its price will stay $5-10 above the standard rare holographic non-full art version.


Overall, Terrakion-EX is a gorgeous looking card with some great gameplay benefits and minor downsides that require a fair amount of play testing to get down right. However, due to its accelerated energy placement move, it can be a strong card to play in any fighting-based deck and it is for this reason that we highly recommends it. This card would make a great addition to any Pokemon starter deck.



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